Admission: $15

Seniors 65+: Free

Johannes Brahms, Clarinet Sonata op.120 no.1 in F minor

Béla Bartók, Violin Sonata no.2, Sz. 76


Johannes Brahms, Four Pieces for Piano op. 119

Béla Bartók, Contrasts Sz. 111

Jiin Yang, violin

Alex Yu, clarinet

Audrey Abela, piano

The program includes some of Brahms’ latest works. The Four Pieces for Piano op. 119 and the Clarinet Sonata op. 120 were both composed at the end of the romantic era and open the door to the music of the twentieth century with their incredible poetry and modernity. The concert will also feature works by Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, one of the great masters of the twentieth century. Bartók’s music is heavily influenced by Eastern European dance music and folk traditions. The rhythmic complexity, extreme chromaticism, and display of virtuosity in the music all contribute to the creation of a unique and stunning sonic world.

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