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April 29th, SUNDAY, 3:30 PM
Kyle Saulnier’s Awakening Orchestra

Modern Jazz Orchestra

Although it’s right there in the name, it’s not entirely clear whether composer/leader Kyle Saulnier’s Awakening Orchestra is in fact an orchestra, a big band or something entirely and wildly different. Encompassing broad swaths of musical style in both original and recontextualized and re-imagined compositions, the Awakening Orchestra delves deep into traditions from classical to jazz to indie rock on their debut album, volume I: this is not the answer.
Interspersing original work – like the intricate, four-part, title-track symphony – with often radical interpretations of work by Samuel Barber, Radiohead, Johannes Brahms and Low, volume I: this is not the answer crafts a powerful mix of written and improvised material. Throughout, individual expressions of virtuosity blend seamlessly with Kyle Saulnier’s ever-shifting orchestral textures, and the Awakening Orchestra’s ten years of performing experience come through in the nuanced yet strongly-defined ensemble concept that threads through the record.
For more about the Awakening Orchestra, visit: awakeningorchestra.com 

May 3rd, THURSDAY, 7:30 PM
Eric Kurimski’s Afro Peruvian Ensemble

Latin Jazz

Eric Kurimski is New York’s most sought after guitarist for Afro Peruvian music. He has dedicated himself to defining a new sound integrating the Peruvian Cajon (box) as the principal percussion instrument in a Jazz setting. He has performed in renowned venues throughout the United States including Blue Note, Lincoln Center, Jazz Gallery, BAM, SOB’s, Jazz Bakery, Joe’s Pub, and Regatta Bar. He has also performed internationally in Europe, and the Americas. Most recently Eric was part of the touring band for Afro Peruvian singing legend Eva Ayllon. He has shared the stage or recorded with Joan Baez, Marc Ribot, Oscar Stagnaro, Tania Libertad, John Benitez, Carlos Hayre, Aquiles Baez, Edward Perez, Sofia Rei Koutsovitis, Manuel Donayre, William Luna, Piero. He has been featured in various publications including Guitar Player Magazine, All About Jazz, World Music Central, and Latin Jazz Network.
For more about Eric Kurimski, visit: erickurimski.com

May 13th, SUNDAY, 3:30 PM
Regional de NY

Traditional Brazilian Choro

The Regional de NY is a traditional choro group in the style of the great Brazilian ensembles of years past and present. Since 2011, our mission has been to keep the rich musical tradition of choro alive in a contemporary US context. We bring a deep love for the history of the genre together with a modern attitude towards arrangement and performance to create a style of choro that reflects our time, place, and backgrounds. By hosting regular rodas (jam sessions), we bring our music to the public in an informal setting and provide a unique opportunity for enthusiasts of choro to sit in with the band and hone their craft. We have performed at venues such as Brasil Summerfest, Zinc Bar, Barbes, Cornelia Street Café, and the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts.
Our first album, “Na Roda”, is an attempt to capture the spirit of our regular rodas (jam sessions) — all the playfulness, virtuosity, sensitivity, and joy that can come from performing live with close musical companions. The album features guest performances from several fantastic friends of ours — the great Fred Hersch, Anat Cohen and Eduardo Belo and is a window into the thriving choro scene in New York.
For more about Regional de NY, visit: choronyc.com

June 3rd, SUNDAY, 3:30 PM
Guidonian Hand

Classical Contemporary


Mark Broschinsky, Matt Melore
William Lang & James Rogers
“The Guidonian Hand transcends the limitations of the trombone by accepting them. Architecturally sound new music using everything of which the trombone is capable. Brilliant writing, brilliant playing. Loose and yet rigorously precise. Revelatory. A celebration of pure sound, and played from the heart at a very high level. Totally new. Go hear it.”
– Sam Burtis, trombonist, bass trombonist, tubist, composer/arranger, music director
and educator in New York City since 1967
For more about the Guidonian Hand, visit: trombonehand.com

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